Orchids at Kew Gardens



Orchids at Kew Gardens

10 February to 11 March 2018

Here in London it may feel more like chilly December than March, but it’s always warm inside Kew Gardens’ many climate controlled green houses! Over the course of February and March, to celebrate Thailand’s beautiful plant life and it’s vibrant culture, South Kensington’s very own paradise garden played host to an amazing collection of tropical flowers and plants in it’s Orchid Festival event.



This specially curated display of Thai orchids is an explosion of colour that will transport you to a more exotic side of the world. What better way to kick off Spring?



If you missed out on this year’s Orchid Festival, but are still thinking of taking a trip to the Gardens, there are a number of events at Kew all year round for you nature-lovers. After you’ve spent time admiring the nature that Kew Gardens has to offer, why not use such a beautiful setting as the backdrop for your next great Instagram selfie? Be sure you look the part in a pair of Prism sunglasses in a variety of Spring inspired colour ways.

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