Where to Travel l Part 2


PRISM is a brand inspired by global adventure: a love for travel runs through the brand’s DNA, from urban exploring to rough lux in the outback, we want to see it all. Last week we published Part 1 of Where To Travel in 2016  and now we bring you part 2. So if you haven’t booked your flights already, we suggest you take a read below now.



Charleston, USA

Charm runs through Charleston’s veins, known fondly as America’s most polite city, it has a real lust for life and the important things are given priority here: nature is verdant and grows wildly, food is unapologetically rich – just sample the city’s signature dish of She-Crab soup – a cream-based bisque to see, its weather forecast is enviable pretty much all year round and the architecture is largely based around pre-Civil-War-era houses, a charming French Quarter and Battery area and the city has a burgeoning boutique scene.

Commutable from New York – flight time is just two hours, Charleston boasts a lot of hip New Yorkers second homes – just ask Cator Sparks, a PRISM friend and Charleston local.

PRISM Check List for Charleston, USA

Charleston. Credit: pbs.twimg.com



Everywhere is the new somewhere and right now Nicaragua is cited as the new Costa Rica, sharing the same tropical climes and penchant for eco-smart hotels, it’s a great place to truly unwind and discover your newfound penchant for poetry – it’s a big deal in Nicaragua. Plus it’s becoming ever-more chic so get there soon.

PRISM Check List for Nicaragua

  • Visit Los Guatuzos tropical wetland nature reserve to see iguanas, sloths and 389 bird species
  • Surf in San Juan del Sur
  • Visit the stunning colonial town of Granada, and stay the the Tribal Hotel, with its lush orchid garden and mosaic-tiled pool

Nicaragua. Credit: globalfamilytravels.com


New Orleans, USA 

What’s not to love about New Orleans? It’s a city with true charm. Home to Jazzfest, said to be one of the most fun festivals it is a foodie’s paradise and a culture vulture’s too.

PRISM Check List for New Orleans, USA 

  • NOMA sculpture garden to sit among weeping willows and Anish Kapoors
  • Brunch at Commander’s Palace is something of a right of passage in New Orleans and you’ll never feel more of a southern belle

New Orleans. Credit:arvamotorcycleandamarriagecertificate.blogspot.co.uk



Truly an adventure, Myanmar is steeped in history and its much documented isolation from the rest of the world makes it a true treasure. Myanmar is not for the faint-hearted traveller, so venture here if you’re ready to truly explore – gilded pagodas, bazaars and Buddhist temples.

PRISM Check List for Myanmar

  • A Buddhist country, Myanmar is home to thousands of pagodas and temples
  • The Belmond Governor’s Residence is a 1920s mansion in the embassy neighbourhood of Yangon – a wonderful place to while away some time if you can

Myanmar. Credit: tumblr.com


Sri Lanka

We are bedazzled by Sri Lanka, there’s so much to do here: remote surfing, yoga, unexplored diving sites and beaches for lounging.

PRISM Check List for Sri Lanka

  • Visit Sigiriya, an ancient kingdom built on a rock. We recommend taking a guide to really learn all about it. Stay at Galkadawala Forest Lodge, a tree house next to a nature reserve and lake
  • If you relish adventure travel by Royal Enfield bike, down the small back roads through villages and epic landscapes
  • Galle Fort is stunning, walk around the fort and the walls of the fortress at dusk. For retail loves, there are several jewellery shops and you can design your own too
  • Climb Adams Peak / Sri Pada: Climb it at night and be there for sunrise, it’s a pretty special experience. Stay in one of the hotels in the foot hills so you can make the morning trek. Make sure you view the pyramid shadow cast over the horizon from the other side to where people watch sunrise

Sri Lanka East Coast. Credit: srilankaholidaystour.com

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