What’s Your Sunglasses Style?


The dos and don’ts to picking sunglasses Let’s find the right shades for you. Choose your shape and see our suggestions.. get the perfect PRISM shades to fit your face.


If you have an oval shape face, you’re in luck. Your choices are wide and varied. Look for glasses that are a little wider than your face. Cairo, Calvi or the St. Louis sunglasses will be perfect for you.

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If you have a squared-shaped face go for oversized glasses. A cat eye will lift up your face, making it look smaller and soften the angles. Try the Monaco, Brasilia or Brooklyn sunglasses.

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Choose a frame that will make your face look slimmer and longer. Frames with colour or print are great for you. The Monaco, San Diego or Moscow sunglasses are a great choice…

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Choose a frame that provides contrast to your heart shaped face and doesn’t imitate it. Try to find a frame that minimizes the width of the top of the face,.

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