Where to Travel in 2016 l Part 1


Undecided on where to travel next? We’ve got you covered. PRISM is all about exploring the world, and we’re always looking out for the next place to travel and here we share the places that those in the know are travelling to this year… Your travel bucket list never looked so good!

San Giorgio Hotel. Credit: lambsandlios.co


Mykonos & Antiparos, Greece

It felt like everyone went to Mykonos last summer. It’s the 30 something’s Ibiza, with a wealth of restaurants, sophisticated boutiques, chic hotels, beach clubs a-plenty and dare we say it – better music!

Favoured by Le Corbusier, then made famous by Jackie Kennedy, it is now the fashion industry place to be seen come summer. Head there in August for maximum heat and ultimate people watching, though June, July and September are wonderful.

PRISM Check List for Mykonos & Antiparos

  • Located on a peninsula, Scorpios is a beach club and restaurant where sun-soaked clientele lounge on sun-bleached wooden furniture. Linked to the popular San Giorgio Hotel, hotel guests gain automatic entrance to Scorpios too
  • Jackie O’s is named after the island’s aforementioned famous visitor and the restaurant boasts a private beach, swimming pool, jacuzzi and even a church. This is where you can expect to find yourself dancing on the tables at sundown
  • Stay at the San Giorgio hotel – linked to the chic Scorpios club. The hotel’s stunning interiors will leave you with a ton of design inspiration (that just doesn’t quite translate to London’d less sunny climes – sadly)
  • For a more low key lunch, head to Kiki’s. The chargrilled squid is said to be the best on the island
  • For those seeking somewhere a little more serene, set your sail due south to Paros and Antiparos. If no sailing boat’s available, take the ferry
    Antiparos is calmer, just as beautiful and chic in a more laid-back way. The main street is within a 15th-century fortified settlement and the sandy bay of Soros is just about the best beach on the island. Though it’s a subject you can debate over a long lunch of fresh fish.


Scorpios. Credit: journaldedesigninterior.com


Viñales Cuba

U.S. travel sanctions have been lifted from Cuba for the first time since 1962 and so now is the time to explore this magical island. Chanel is showing its Metiers d’Arts show in Havana on May 3rd, so expect Havana to feature heavily on social media from then. We recommend heading beyond Havana to discover truly unspoilt countryside – less than three hours’ drive west of Havana are the limestone peaks of Viñales National Park and Valle de Viñales, a Unesco World Heritage site.

PRISM Check List for Viñales Cuba

  • Book a tour by horseback, it’s an unforgettable experience
  • Visit the tobacco plantations & explore the agricultural land

Viñales Cuba. Credit: audleytravel.com


Bogota, Medellin & Taganga, Columbia 

Caribbean coastline, colonial architecture and culture that transcends language makes Columbia a must-visit. From the bright lights of Bogota to the charm of Taganga – a small fishing village on the Caribbean coast.

PRISM Check List for Bogota, Medellin & Taganga

  • The Parque Lineal in the Ciudad del Rio in Medellin, houses the Museum of Modern Art and is a hang-out for almost everyone in town.
  • Tayrona National Park boasts stunning beaches alongside unspoilt mountains and the ruins of pre-Hispanic town.
  • Cartegena on the Caribbean coast has stunning Colonial architecture & is a must-visit

Bogota & Medellin Centre. Credit: architizer.com

Cartagena. Credit: tumblr.com

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