Go Behind The Scenes of Our Recent Shoot With... Dancer Sandra Morlett

Sandra Morlett is a dancer from Mexico, currently based in LA. Sandra wears our  PRESENCE Body in Cerise. 

"I love the way the  pieces feel. They are so easy and comfortable to move in and so supportive at the same time. My favourite are all the Ribbed sets."

1.Where did you start to dance? I started dancing in Tijuana BC. My training began at San Diego City College and then joined work study for Jean Isaacs at Dance Place; I am deeply honored to have received training from Jesse Humphrey Terry Wilson and Anne Gehman.

2. Who inspires you? My soul dance mates Angel Acuna and Sol de la Rosa

3. What would be your dream project? To have taken part of The Great Tamer tour with Dimitris Papaioannou

4. Describe a day in your life? I wake up, brew coffee, do yoga, cook a healthy meal, audition (self-tape or in person), tackle tasks, connect with friends on my phone, and indulge in a creative activity—dance, writing, painting, or a self-love date at my favorite LA massage spots.

5. Any tips for people to stay motivated and healthy on a daily basis? Set a clear life goal, stay focused on your mission. Avoid comparing yourself to others; instead, compare to your past self. Be gentle with your thoughts, speak kindly to yourself, and don't hesitate to pause and observe your breath