5 Tips on...Getting Back Into Working Out with Sophie-Rose Harper

Pilates teacher Sophie-Rose is an ex-performer, writer and singer who during Covid turned her hobby into a job. She teaches at Nobu Pilates on Portman Square and her own mat class at her favourite spot in West London The Pelican.


1. If you can, arrange your class for the same day each week, this gives consistency to your week and structure, something we all need when starting something new.

2. Start with a beginner's class or even a one-to-one (if you can). No matter what it is, ease in with a class that teaches you the fundamentals first, this will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed and give you overall focus on your form, which in turn reduces the chances of injury. 

3. Have realistic goals - don't expect too much at first, whether you're recovering from an injury, looking to get stronger or lose weight, it's all a process and journey. 

4. Pick something you think you'd enjoy, sounds simple but don't put yourself through a spin class because all your friends are going, If you love it you'll keep going back. 

5. If you find an instructor you love, stick with them. As an instructor I love nothing more than seeing my clients come through the door each week, improving time after time, we work together at bettering their form to improve those weaker areas.