PRISM was launched over a decade ago with the idea of combining functionality and aesthetics, focusing on producing items that people need - that had functionality at their core - and that were well-made, long lasting and became wardrobe staples and classics.

For over a decade, PRISM has worked with small factories in Italy to make swimwear and eyewear, where skills and techniques have been handed down through generations. All PRISM products promote the idea of Buy Better Buy Less; they are made to last aesthetically and functionally. In fact the very first collection we launched with in 2009 is still on sale today and still some of our best-selling pieces.

Paloma Elsesser and Stella Jones by Clare Shilland, wearing PRISM²


PRISM Swimwear and Resortwear is all handmade in Italy using excess or archive materials, working with our small family-run factory in Bologna.

Our espadrilles and sandals are handmade in the north of Spain using European leathers.

Our Eyewear is made in the Treviso region of Italy - known for its eyewear manufacturing for the past century, where skills have been handed down through generations. We use acetates from a company established in 1849 and each pair is hand-cut and therefore unique.

Where available, we use a new form of acetate called bio-acetate which is phthalate-free and from cellulose acetate and plasticiser, which makes it natural, renewable and biodegradable. Our lightweight metal eyewear is all made and finished in Japan.

Everything is made in tiny batches, from eyewear to swimwear to espadrilles, you will sometimes even find only one or two of a certain style.

Embracing minimal muti-functionality

The most recent launch, PRISM² was conceived with Sustainability at its core: a 3-in-1 range of products, where everything can be used as swimwear, underwear or sportswear - all in one. Not only are the pieces multi-functional they are also multi-fit; a size 1 fits a UK size 6-16 and adapts with your body.

Each piece is chlorine-resistant, sweat-wicking, quick-dry and breathable; with a powerful fit that provides support - shaping your body a bit like shapewear but more like a hug.

PRISM² garments are 3D-knitted in a small family run factory in Italy using a production technique that minimises waste and using an eco-dye technique that is Greenpeace-certified. Additionally, the factory is Oeko-Tex certified as are the yarns we use. In 2022 it has also been certified with the Higg Index which is a measurement tool for the textile, apparel and footwear sectors developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition to measure social and environmental impacts.

Buy better, buy less

Over the years we have drastically reduced the number of new products and collections we are launching every season to focus on quality and sustainability. Our products are durable with timeless style and we advocate for a conscious consumption of fashion and a move away from unethical fast fashion practices.


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