5 Tips On... Herbal Beauty Inside and Out w/ Rachel Landon, Founder of Wilder Botanics

Rachel Landon, @wilder.botanics, wearing INTUITIVE in Rose and NURTURING in Chocolate Brown 

Rachel Landon is a naturopath and herbalist who began her journey specially blending therapeutic herbs for her clients over 20 years ago, which then inspired her to launch her business Wilder. She launched Wilder with her husband in 2019, creating products with the desire to connect people to the everyday benefits of herbs in modern day formulas.

1. Keep your skin clean, even if exhausted always cleanse the skin at night. I use our cleansing oil so i'm washing my skin without disrupting its natural microbiome and not drying the skin out either so it's not tight and uncomfortable. A splash of cold water only in the morning.

2. Dry body brushing is better than any coffee, it clears the mind, gets the lymphatic system moving, and endorphins going and your skin will feel so soft. Start from the soles of the feet up, 4-5 strokes on each limb. Circular clockwise and anti clockwise motion on the stomach and armpits and nape of the neck.

3. Try to use only 100% natural and/or organic products, this way your skin is not ingesting harmful chemicals and it's also environmentally better too.

4. Your skin can often reflect whats happening on the inside, so looking after the digestive, hormonal and nervous systems are always beneficial. We created Inner Beauty Tea to drink daily, nourishing the skin directly but also acting as a prebiotic to the gut and calming any stress. 

5. Diet and exercise are super important, our bodies love nutrient rich seasonal foods, try to omit processed foods, sugar and salt to a minimum. Keeping hydrated is also important, and exercise that you enjoy especially as we head into the winter months.

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