5 Tips On...Mental Wellness W/ Katie Nehra

Katie Nehra, @katienehra, wearing our BILBAO sunglasses in Black to Cream

Katie Nehra is an entertainer, creator, writer and host of the Been Better...hbU? podcast which launched in 2019. She tells us: 

Most mental health shows weren’t relatable or tangible or didn’t provide the tools you could actually “take home”. I wanted something real, interesting and to wake people up! A show that felt personable and to create a space where people felt comfortable talking. There is still an exorbitant amount of shame surrounding mental illness. We have to speak about it. 

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1. Think of taking care of your mental health the way you take care of your teeth. You wouldn’t go a day without brushing your teeth. You shouldn’t go a day without doing something for your mental well being. It could be: exercise, take 10 minutes for breath work, journaling, therapy or going outside take off your shoes and feeling the earth beneath you.

2. Mental health is not one size fits all. What works for your girlfriend may not be what works for you. Take your time and allow yourself to explore different forms of therapy.

3. Once you have found something, try schedule the activity into your daily routine. For me, I have to do some sort of physical activity. I’ve been riding horses daily. Being with animals is an immediate dose of dopamine. Make sure your activity is something you can do daily. If that’s not possible try for five days a week. Instilling this routine can potentially help you avoid a crisis, which is important. That’s why thinking of it in terms of brushing your teeth is helpful. It’s a daily habit!

4. Some days are just shitty and that’s okay. Taking care of your mental health doesn’t mean you’re Mary f****** Poppins 24/7. In many ways it’s the opposite. Because when you’re in touch with your true emotions they aren’t always happy.

5. Think outside the box. There are more experts, classes and knowledge at our fingertips than ever before since the pandemic. If you are struggling please tell someone.

Katie Nehra wearing prism london BILBAO sunglasses in Black to Cream