Go Behind The Scenes Of Our Recent Shoot With... Dancer Caileigh Knapp

Caileigh is a dancer, model, movement director and stylist brought up and based in LA. 

"I’ve worn a lot of leotards in my day and the detail on these pieces really stood out to me. The cuts are just so flattering. In every look I felt snatched and supported, and dare I say.. hot? Workout wear that truly does it all."

1.Where did you start to dance? My mom’s living room. On the softball field. Honestly anywhere I could. It didn’t take long for my family to recognize there was something there. I started in classes with ballet and jazz. I was seven years old.

2. Did you train somewhere? I danced at a local studio from ages 7-17. When I was 13, I was admitted to the Los Angeles High School for the Arts. I got to spend the second-half of the school day in intensive training and repertoire classes, learning Horton rep from Don Martin, and the work of Jiri Kylian from Fiona Lummis. It opened me up to the world of concert dance and I haven’t wanted to stop learning since. I did a brief stint at the San Francisco Conservatory of Dance that changed my life forever. Training then and now look very different. Now it feels more like exploration than training, but I can never go too long without ballet. If you are in LA and looking for a ballet-class that feels good while getting you on that leg, check out Spenser Theberge, He’s the one.

3. Who inspires you? Iris Apfel. Maybe she’s just top of mind due to her recent passing, but since long before that I’ve just had a total fascination with her. From the very moment you enter the zeitgeist of professional dance, you are met with the daunting idea that one day you will simply be too old. Too old to be an étoile. Too old for to perform another season. Too old for you body to carry on doing the work. Too old to be desirable. We’re bred to think old age is something that signifies the end of your self. Iris showed what it meant to age without diminishing your sense of self. For that, we thank you, Iris. Rest In Peace Queen.

4. What would be your dream project? Shay Latukolan is absolutely the blueprint for this moment in media. He’s a choreographer originally from Amsterdam, but he has truly taken over the world stage within the last year. He’s best-known for his work with British electronic-duo JUNGLE, with his choreography for Back on 74 going mega-viral. Shay has been making iconic moves for the pair for much longer though, and in fact has created a whole rolodex of complex dance films for many past Jungle singles. Growing up in Los Angeles, music videos have always a mega-player on the industry stage here. To have a musical artist entrust so much of that vision to the choreographer is massive. And to deliver on the level that Shay does - that is truly the dream.

5. Describe a day in your life? As a freelancer across multiple creative fields, every day looks different. I’d say I tend to prefer it that way. Some days allow for slow mornings, which I spend knitting, reading or adding an extra few blocks to my dog walk.

6. Any tips for people to stay motivated and healthy on a daily basis? No amount of movement is insignificant! Set realistic goals that are achievable within the specific lifestyle that you have. Health is a lifelong game, and burnout its biggest enemy. I spent so long in the more-is-more mentality- it left my cortisol levels through the roof and my energy levels non-existent. Find exercise that feels good for YOU and fit it in where you can. These habits and routines will evolve based on the season of your life and that is for the best! It’s not ground-breaking advice, but the challenge really lies in allowing ourselves to do LESS.

7. What were your favourite PRISM Squared pieces you wore on the shoot? I’ve always had a sweet spot for a one-piece - maybe all the years of ballet Pavlov’d me into it. One of my favourites from the shoot was this sort-of classic body, but with an asymmetrical back design - the RELEASE Body. 


Caileigh wears Serene Wide-Ribbed top and Blithe Wide-Ribbed Leggings in Black.