Playing it pool: Hitting Up Hockney for Resort Inspiration

David Hockney is an unusual beast, a still-living artistic legend of our time. He lives most of the year in L.A. now, but we Brits still claim him as our own.

When I went to Jamaica in November, I found that some of the photos we took had a vaguely reminiscent graphic edge that reminded me of Hockney—they mainly reminded me to go and look back at some of his work when I got home.

When I recently started researching my collection for Resort ’15, I found myself looking at lots of his prints, paintings, and drawings. It’s an obvious association for a swimwear collection, with his pool obsession and the blues throughout. I love the very graphic and sometimes cartoony vision he has. But the other reason my attention was drawn to his work is that he has a show on at Dulwich Picture Gallery at the moment.

The works on display there are prints from throughout his career. This exhibition celebrates Hockney’s sixty years of printmaking. And the space in and of itself also makes for a beautiful visit. Go check out the show before it closes in May.

Anna Laub


MARCH 2014