The Ribbed Collection

The PRISM² ribbed collection offers pieces that give a cosy, yet super strong support - once you try these you won't go back.

Perfect for working out, and for lounging. You can also swim in them!

ELATED: Available in Black, Navy, Taupe, Chocolate Brown, Muddy Grey, Maroon, Jade Green, Cream, Electric Blue, Zebra Jacquard, Bubblegum, Rusty Pink and Dark Green

EVOKE: Available in Cerise, Black, Chocolate Brown, Rose, Maroon, Bubblegum, Taupe and Slate Grey

LUMINOUS: Available in Black, Taupe, Navy, Rusty Pink, Muddy Grey, Chocolate Brown, Dark Green, Maroon and Bright Red


COMPOSED: Available in Black, Navy, Muddy Grey, Marl, Dark Green, Slate Grey,  Navy, Cream, Bubblegum, Maroon, Blush, Jade Green, Chocolate Brown

AWAKEN: Available in Cerise, Black, Blush, Chocolate Brown, Cream, Dark Green, Muddy Grey, Maroon, Navy, Rusty Pink, Taupe, Slate Grey