Shona Vertue's Tips to Reset Your Health & Workout Routine

Over the past two decades, Shona Vertue has established herself as a trailblazer in the wellness domain, drawing on her foundational experience as an elite gymnast and dancer. 
As the creator of the Vertue Method, Shona skillfully combines elements of yoga, strength training, eastern meditation, and western psychology to create a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being.
With her method being embraced in over 65 countries and a client list that includes notable names like David Beckham, Shona Vertue is a true testament to innovation and depth in the fitness industry.
Shona’s Tips for a Health and Work-out Reset 
1. Re-evaluate your priorities using a values inventory. Before embarking on a new programme we need to get really clear on our values, otherwise our motivation to be consistent dwindles pretty quickly and we lose track of 'why' we've chosen to engage with a certain activity. This practice is commonly utilised in a psychology setting but works incredibly well in fitness and wellness too.
Take a moment to sit with a piece of paper and write down your top 10 values. If things like physical health, sport, strength, fitness, wellness are on that list it's important to recognise that they deserve to be given consistent time on your weekly schedule. Next it's time to use those values to choose our workouts according to those values. 
2. Values must be reflected in the workouts: If you want to improve your physical strength or muscle tone then your workouts should reflect that in some way or those results will not be achieved. It sounds simple but so often this is where people go wrong.
If you're doing 3 days of pilates but you want to improve bone mineral density, muscle tone and all round athletic capacity - pilates won't cut it. (Feel free to direct hate mail to me for this). Likewise if you've been focusing only on your marathon training but one of your values is to 'move' better, then it's worthwhile adding in some flexibility practices that will support this, yoga, pilates, stretch classes are great for this. For the best general, all around wellness my recommendation is 3 days minimum of resistance training, daily flexibility work and increasing your step count as much as possible to negate the effects of long hours behind the desk. 
3. Track your WEIGHT: However, I DON'T mean weight loss, I mean the weight you're lifting, the push ups you're now completing. Keeping track of this data helps you to focus on goals that are not JUST appearance based and will provide much longer last motivation to maintain a consistent and effective workout routine.
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