PRISM² Back to Work(Out) Dinner

Last week our Creative Director & Founder Anna Laub held a dinner to welcome our PRISM² friends back from summer, Back to Work (Out). 
The dinner was held at Chotto Matte Marylebone where a special Nikkei health-focused menu was served to our guests. And a selection of our new collection, as well as our Mindful journal, was given to everyone, to help reset everyone's wellbeing journey.  
Creative Director, Anna Laub with Francesca Zampi           Yasmin Sewell
Chotto Matte Marylebone 
Emily Cronen, Olivia Mccall, Claire Darrow Mosier
Mimi Xu, Kurt Zdesar, Gillian Maguire 
Emily Cronen, Emily Zak, Des Lewis
Emily Zak, Lucy McIntyre, Holly Shackleton, Yasmin Sewell
Emily Cronen, Des Lewis, Holly Shackleton, Emily Zak, Yasmin Sewell
Tora-I and Mimi Xu
Gillian Maguire, Holly Shackleton
Moon Bedeaux, Raphaela and Tora-I 
Place settings with Mindful journals at Chotto Matte Marlybone
Lindsay Cooper and Anna Laub, Yasmin Sewell
Some of the guests at our dinner 
Anna Laub and Olivia Mccall, Des Lewis