Quentin Jones - director, illustrator and photographer whose films and images have appeared in magazines such as i-D and Vogue, and has worked with Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Victoria Beckham to name a few. She studied philosophy at Cambridge, followed by an MA in illustration at Central St Martins.

Quentin jones wearing prism2 Balanced unitard in black and seattle sunglasses in dark tortoiseshell
How did you get into what you are doing now and what do you love about it?

"I became a filmmaker sort of by accident. An afternoon messing around with stop-motion during my MA lead me to focus on that for my final show. I was still modelling and showed a brand I was working with my creative work, and

they asked me to make their fashion week presentation film. And my whole career unwound from there. Hard to say if I would have got there a different way."

 What does a day in your life look like - give us a run down/example ? 

I am woken up around 5.30am by my new baby Valentine. I get up, and bring him into my bed and give him his bottle. We hopefully fall back to sleep until 7am. 

7am-8am - is the breakfast rush hour for the older boys. Usually only getting to making my own coffee with 5 mins to spare to drink it, brush my teeth, clean my face and throw on something acceptable to take the kids to school in. 
8.05 - leave the house, sunglasses always on as no time for makeup and bleary eyed. 
8.30 have dropped boys, and then walk on to my studio in dumbo, where I work/pretend to work until I give up. Some time in the afternoon I might make it to yoga or pilates. Then start day dreaming about what I will cook, and the wine I shall i drank. 
7.30 - the wine drinking and cooking. 
8.30-11- the golden hours, kids in bed and TV/bath/read garbage on my phone. 

How do you define your style?

I flipflop between tomboyish studio dressing, and getting more dressed up and feminine in the evenings. I live in black leather boots and jeans in the winter, and skimpier dresses and sandals in the summer.

 How does PRISM² fit into that?

I love that in New York workout wear is totally acceptable to wear all day long. It makes me feel optimistic about my usually unfulfilled potential to make it to yoga later that day.
Quentin jones wearing prism2 sierra sunglasses in tiger eye and presence swimsuit in black, flat rib shorts and top in dark green